Dr. Eric LaMey practices PEMF in Onsted and surrounding areas. Please click on a link below to learn more about Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Therapy and how it can benefit you.

Jan K

"Thank you so much for helping to relieve the pain I've been experiencing daily for 10 years from my neck to my feet. The Magnetic Pulse Therapy you recommended I try has done wonders for my body and my overall well being."

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Vickie N.

"After fracturing my left foot and being left with floating bones in it, I could not feel the foot or move the toes for 15 years. I had to wear wide shoes due to the inflammation. I had Neuroma surgery on the foot that only made the pain and inflammation worse.

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Karin F.

"I suffered a hyperextended knee due to a slip and fall in 2011. An MRI of the knee revealed multiple torn ligaments and orthopedic doctors recommended steroid shots or surgery.

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Heather M. L.

"As a teenager I had suffered many falls water skiiing starting my battle with low back pain followed by a terrible fall on my tailbone while rollerblading at the age of 29. So, for over 20 years I have struggled trying to find a solution to my sciatic pain that shoots down my leg

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Lee Ramage

I am a former professional motocross racer. There aren't too many sports that beat up and damage an athlete as badly as motocross racing. I am no exception. Five years ago I came up short on a double jump. I landed so hard that the foot pegs broke off my motorcycle.

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Dr. Sue.

"You might want to know….I had a very close call with death last week- which is amazing because I feel so normal and fine today. I had a vein burst and almost bled out. 2 ½ days in a ICU where I had 9 pints of blood and a quick stomach surgery procedure.

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